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Jameela Jamil visits Guardian Ballers
Case Study:

Jameela Jamil (Marvel and DC actor, podcaster, activist and influencer of 3.7M Instagram followers) joined one of our funded partners, Guardian Ballers, Volunteer Leader Courage, and Young People in the West Midlands on the Basketball court and in Wellbeing sessions as her and Courage unpacked their Mental Health struggles.

Jameela has chosen to shine a light on the positive impact of Basketball on Mental Health in her newly released Snapchat docuseries which features an Episode where she visited Coventry-based Guardian Ballers (a young person’s Mental Health and Basketball organisation) to meet Courage Khumalo (a Guardian Ballers Volunteer) as they discussed the struggles with anxiety and panic attacks that they had in common. From Courage’s first attack whilst driving to work to Jameela’s vivid account of her experience on a sidewalk with her dog.  

Jameela Jamil is known for her BBC Radio 1 Chart show, early work on Channel 4, role in ‘The Good Place’ comedy and has received recent acclaim as a Marvel and DC actor, activist and influencer (notably amounting 3.7 million Instagram followers). Some might say that having Jameela on the Basketball Court could be likened to Marcus Rashford being a contestant on the ‘Great British Bake-Off’! 

The 5-minute Snapchat episode explores themes such as the barriers to accessing Mental Health support that Men and those from ethnically diverse or minority backgrounds encounter. Courage explained how his “favourite sport” of Basketball and friends finally got him out of the house and kick-started his resurfacing towards better mental and emotional health after his bout of mental challenges. After his journey, Courage shared how he became a Volunteer Leader at Guardian Ballers. Guardian Ballers is Mental and Emotional Wellbeing and Basketball programme for young people based in Coventry within the West Midlands. Jameela joined Courage, Young People and Leaders from Guardian Ballers, as she learnt to play Basketball and engaged in their Mental Health and Wellbeing sessions. 

Kieran Joseph, the Founder and CEO of Guardian Ballers, said: “After months of castings and interactions with AlaskaTV (the lead production company in London) and the Snapchat office (USA via online mediums), it was quite surreal to know that Jameela Jamil had been on the She-Hulk (Marvel) red carpet prior to being with us in the UK! It was a joy to see how her story was authentic and that she was using this docuseries to inspire and heal thousands of others!” 

 With this Snapchat docuseries accumulating over 6K subscribers within two weeks of the release of the first episode, Jameela’s journey with Courage and the Guardian Ballers is reaching and inspiring lives across all continents of the world! 

You can watch the full episode with Jameela, Courage and Guardian Ballers on “I Want To Get Better With Jameela Jamil” (Episode 6) on Snapchat now or watch a 1 minute clip on Guardian Ballers Youtube Channel or learn more about the Mental Health and Basketball work of Guardian Ballers via their website https://guardianballers.org/ 


Jameela Jamil joins one of our funded partners, Guardian Ballers on the Basketball court to unpack their Mental Health struggles.

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