Solihull Activity Partnership

The Solihull Activity Partnership brings together a range of multisectoral partners from across the borough and the wider region.

The role and purpose of the Solihull Physical Activity Partnership 

  1. Maximise opportunities for collaboration by building on existing networks, strategies, structures, energy, and expertise in the borough. 

  2. To maximise the opportunity to scale up, with commitment from organisations who know their people and have operational leverage to make change

  3. Oversight of the development and implementation of a ‘Solihull Physical Activity Strategy’. 

What is the Solihull Activity Partnership doing?

Solihull Plans and Strategies
Solihull Health & Wellbeing Strategy
The Solihull Council Plan 2020-2025
Solihull on the Move – Places to be active in Solihull

A playground filled with adults and children
a group of children playing in a park on the monkey bars