Reduce breast pain with a well-fitted sports bra

Why is a sports bra so important?

When it comes to active-wear or sports kit for women & girls, the sports bra is often one of the most neglected items on the list, despite it being one of the most essential.

A well-fitting & supportive sports bra can:

  • reduce breast pain
  • help prevent back and neck pain
  • help prevent irreversible breast sag
  • improve comfort & boost confidence during physical activity

Research has also shown that insufficient breast support can make exercise feel harder, increase the risk of lower limb injuries, decrease stride length by 4cm, make running mechanics less economical, leading us to tire sooner.

Finding the right fit:

Research suggests that more than 70%  of women wear the wrong bra size. You should always try on a sports bra before you buy it. Before heading to the checkout, it is important to jump around in the changing rooms to make sure it is giving you the support you need for your activity.

Click on the images below from the fabulous NetballHer initiative from England Netball for top tips on getting the right fit:

How often should I replace my sports bra?

How often you need to replace your bra will depend on how often you wear it and how often you wash it.  The University of Portsmouth Research Group in Breast Health recommends you replace your sports bra when you replace your running shoes.