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    Our mission

Actively making a difference

We believe passionately in the power and impact of sport and physical activity to transform lives and to keep people living well. We achieve this by working closely and collaboratively with our partners to give people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the means and places to get active.

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How we’re doing it

Through the power and potential of sport of physical activity, we create the means and inspiration for everyone to get moving and lead healthier and more prosperous lives. We’re here as the limitless source of positive energy that drives everyone forward.

Using sport and physical activity we’re here to support people who face the greatest inequalities every day. Those who are the least active and whose physical and mental health would benefit the most from being more active or from being part of a social sport or activity group.

Consciously making a difference

As a charity and a Sport England System Partner we are conscious of ensuring best value and maximising the funding that we receive so that we truly make a difference to the people and places we serve.  We are residents at 1 Mill Street, a co-working space with a number of startups, charities and small businesses. The ethos is a charitable and philanthropic one and we have accessed a community of similar minded people from a range of sectors based in a community that we serve.  Check out our Environmentally Friendly and Climate Conscious page for more about how we are consciously making a difference. 

Our goals

Engage people with complex lives
Keep people living well
Together we will thrive

Where and how

  • Creating active societies

    We are shifting attitudes of influencers towards sport and physical activity. Plus we’ll create welcoming and resilient clubs, groups and places to inspire inactive people to get active.

  • Setting up active spaces

    Helping people get active with thriving clubs, groups and organisations. We advocate active travel for commuting and leisure – helping people get active in local places and spaces.

  • Active health

    Embedding and influencing physical activity in health & social care. Our team advocate and evidence the positive affects sport and physical activity has on our bodies and mind.

  • Developing active systems

    Together we create and strengthen governance, policy and resource enablers. We ensure sport and physical activity is embedded in local plans with a strong, compelling voice.

  • Maximising financials

    We grow ThinkActive by maximising investments into the charity and sport and physical activity sectors. Plus we seek all chances to increase our capability, reach and impact.

  • Inspiring capable people

    We develop confident volunteers and coaches to get behind the benefit of sport and physical activity. Giving local people the ability to lead others, especially those who face barriers.

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