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School Games

The School Games will continue to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of children and young people.

School Games mission

Putting physical activity and competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

The School Games aims to provide every child with a positive experience in an environment where the young person’s motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of the competition.

For more information visit the Your School Games website.


School Games levels

The School Games pathway give the chance for young people to reach success at a county and national level. These are:


Competitions are planned and delivered by the ‘School Games Organisers’ (SGOs) of which there are eight working across Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire. The SGOs work with their local schools to ensure competitive school sport opportunities are open and inclusive for all. Within each sport the winning team from each of the eight areas will come together for the level 3 County Festival. Competitions are organised for pupils from mainstream and special schools.

County Level

Events aim to involve as many children and young people from across the partnership area as possible. For those pupils who are not involved in the sports competitions there is the opportunity to be involved in such activities as: photography, media reporting, volunteering and performing in the opening or closing ceremonies.

Upcoming School Games Events & Information

4th of December 2023 Secondary Dodgeball

6th of December 2023 Primary Dodgeball

30th of January 2024 Primary Speed stacking

31st January 2024 Secondary Girls Fits a knock out

7th February 2024 Secondary Boys Fits a knock out

20th February 2024 Primary Rowing

20th February 2024 Comp 4U Rowing

14th March 2024 Primary Gymnastics

20th of March 2024 Secondary Sports hall athletics

21st of March 2024 Primary Sports hall athletics

Archery-To be Confirmed

Festival of OAA- To be confirmed

Primary Panathlon- 4th June 2024

Secondary Panathlon – 4th June 2024

U13 Compete Girls Football- To be confirmed

U15 Compete Girls Football- To be confirmed

U13 Develop Girls Football- To be confirmed

U15 Develop Girls Football- To be confirmed


School Games Events historic results

23rd of March 2023 Primary Gymnastics 🥇Kingsley🥈St Augustine’s🥉Finham

29th of March 2023 Competition 4U Archery 🥇Park Lane 🥈Our Lady’s🥉Peterbrook & Quinton

19th of April 2023 Secondary Year 7 Girls Sportshall Athletics 🥇Arden 🥈Kings High 🥉Stratford Grammar

19th of April 2023 Secondary Year 8 Girls Sportshall Athletics 🥇Stratford Grammar 🥈Arden 🥉Myton

19th of April 2023 Secondary Year 7 Boys Sportshall Athletics 🥇Kenilworth 🥈KES 🥉Tudor Grange

19th of April 2023 Secondary Year 8 Boys Sportshall Athletics 🥇Tudor Grange 🥈Bishop Ullathorne 🥉KES

16th of May 2023 Secondary Year 9 Boys Fits A Knockout 🥇Kineton 🥈Polesworth 🥉St Peters

23rd of May 2023 Secondary Year 9 Girls Fits A Knockout 🥇Coleshill 🥈Nicholas Chamberlaine 🥉Alcester Grammar

14th June 2023 Competition Outdoor Adventurous Activities 🥇St John’s 🥈 Langley 🥉Stoke

29th June 2023 Primary Panathalon County Final 🥇Kingshurst  🥈Dickens Heath 🥉 Northlands

29th June 2023 Secondary Panathalon County Final 🥇Lode Heath 🥈 Corley Academy 🥉 Myton

29th June 2023 U13 Develop Girls Football School Games 🥇 Langley 🥈Smith’s Wood 🥉 Finham Park 2

29th June 2023 U13 Compete Girls Football School Games 🥇Stratford 🥈 Nicholas Chamberlaine 🥉 Coundon Court

29th June 2023 U15 Develop Girls Football School Games 🥇Grace Academy 🥈Harris Academy 🥉 Etone College

29th June 2023 U15 Compete Girls Football School Games 🥇 Stratford 🥈 St Peter’s 🥉 St Thomas Moore


Think Active School Games Welfare Plan 

Think Active School Games Privacy Plan

How to get involved

01: Encourage your children and young people to participate in sport and competitive opportunities within school.

02: Contact your local School Games Organiser for details of qualifying competitions and inter school events. School Games Organisers deliver district qualifying events with the winners competing at County Events.

Get in touch with our team to discuss in more detail by emailing kerry.luckett@thinkactive.org or lijana.kaziow@thinkactive.org


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