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It’s time to bust taboos & normalise the conversation around the menstrual cycle, menopause, breast health and pelvic health, to better support women & girls to thrive.

#PeriodPower shines a light on physical activity through a female lens, exploring the unique biological, social & environmental considerations that impact women & girls’ health & well-being.

By  providing evidence-based information, practical resources & top tips, #PeriodPower strives to promote more equitable, supportive & empowering environments. This also includes supporting activity providers, coaches, educators, club committees & health-care professionals.

Our aim is to support women & girls to be active at every life stage & in a way at works for HER, so dive into our #PeriodPower pages to learn more & join the movement.

“In predominantly using the term ‘Women & Girls’ throughout our #PeriodPower initiative, Think Active recognises that people of all gender identities can have a menstrual cycle. While we refer to ‘Women & Girls’, we understand that some people who do not identify as female may have a reproductive system that means they menstruate. We also acknowledge that not all people who identify as female, have a menstrual cycle, or female physiology.”

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Read all about our March #PeriodPower launch event, by downloading our #PeriodPower Case Study 

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Webinar Feedback

We recently held two webinars on ‘How Female Friendly is your Sports Club?’ & ‘Midlife, Menopause & Physical Activity’ with attendees from more than 25 local organisations, as well as those joining us from purely personal interest.

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