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It’s time to bust taboos & normalise the conversation around the menstrual cycle, menopause, breast health and pelvic health, to better support women & girls. Understanding the menstrual cycle & how it shows up differently for each woman, allows us to tap into ‘her’ unique superpower. We’re really excited to be hosting introductory events and providing some insightful resources on how to best support women and girls in their active settings.

“In predominantly using the term ‘Women & Girls’ throughout our #periodpower initiative, Think Active recognises that people of all gender identities can have a menstrual cycle. While we refer to ‘Women & Girls’, we understand that some people who do not identify as female may have anatomy and reproductive systems that mean they menstruate. We also acknowledge that not all people who identify as female, have a menstrual cycle, or female physiology.”

We’ve just run our first #periodpower event, watch this space for more to come ……

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