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Lifestyle Clinics launched across Coventry and Warwickshire!

At Think Active, we recognise the role that the Healthcare System plays in supporting people to live well, for longer, and therefore we wanted to support those working within Primary Care to learn more about how they can embed Physical Activity into their Primary Care Network (PCN) activity.

Working with Think Active trustee and local GP, Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi, who has already implemented a thriving Lifestyle Clinic at Clarendon Lodge (part of Leamington North PCN) – we have been able to support a further 9 PCNs with funding to help them launch their own lifestyle clinics in 2023!

What is a Lifestyle Clinic?

Lifestyle clinics operate with weekly sessions, with either 3 or 4 sessions in total. Each session works with a small group of 5-10 people, lasting for up to 60 minutes, and explores a general topic around healthy lifestyles – sessions can cover: Diet/Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity, Understanding Wellbeing, and many more – each PCN will deliver their sessions in a way that suits those attending. Each week, lifestyle clinic sessions are followed by a short, light activity session – this can be seated exercise, a Walk Talk Walk (or Run Talk Run) session – again, this will be offered in a way that’s beneficial and meaningful to those attending.

Which PCNs are involved?

Think Active are working with the following Primary Care Networks to deliver Lifestyle Clinics:


  • Coventry Navigation 1 – Zaid Feroz Memon
  • Go West – Dr Tom Gedman – more info here
  • Sowe Valley – Tim Morris / Pranay Deo – more info here


  • Dene and Stour Valleys – Laura Williams
  • Kenilworth and Warwick – Charlotte Tayte
  • Leamington North – Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi / Dr Joanna Fleming – more info here
  • Leamington South – Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi / Dr Joanna Fleming – more info here
  • Nuneaton and Bedworth – Laina Tebbutt / Dr Harriet Stark
  • Rugby Health – Gita Natarajan – more info here
  • Stratford Central – Jo Min / Katie Chuter

To find out more about their lifestyle clinics – follow the links above!

If you want to learn more about how you can get involved or start a Lifestyle Clinic at your PCN, we’d love to talk to you! Please get in touch and email us on hello@thinkactive.orgĀ 

Coventry University on board as Evaluation Partners

Think Active are also keen to ensure that the Lifestyle Clinics are further supported with some Academic research, and therefore we’ll be working with Coventry University and all of the Lifestyle Clinics to explore the benefits, successes and key learnings to help continue to advocate for embedding physical activity in to Healthcare! A report from the University will be with us around May 2024 and we can’t wait!

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