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Active Pregnancy Foudation

We support women to stay active throughout pregnancy and beyond, by providing expertise & advice, changing culture and challenging policy.


Why we do it

  • Only 3-15% of women meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy.
    Adult weight management.

  • We know mums & mums-to-be receive inconsistent, inaccurate and sometimes dangerous information.

  • Only 8% of Personal Trainers have a Pre & Postnatal qualification.

  • There isn’t consistent advice & support for women who wish to stay active, especially those from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.


We need

  • Our Healthcare Professionals to be enlightened.

  • Our Fitness Professionals to be educated.

  • Accessible facilities for mum and mums-to-be.

  • Culture Change.


What we do

  • Provide accurate information and guidance.

  • Accredit Qualified Fitness Professionals.

  • Endorse good practise.

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