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We know that activity, including physical, cognitive and emotional can help reduce this problem and increase people’s health span. We need to unite and commit to improving systems, recommending and prescribing activity and changing our attitudes to ageing.

​The number of people over 80 is going to increase significantly in the next ten years, but our healthy life expectancy is not expected to increase too. This has huge implications for health and social care services.  It doesn’t have to be this way. There is strong evidence that the major causes of disability and dependency can be prevented or delayed, shortening the period at the end of life when we are heavily dependent on others.

Living Longer Better Conference 2023 Resources

Sir Muir Gray: Live Longer Better – click here to download

Dr Martin Sandler: Why Hospitals are Bad For You (and how to avoid them) – click here to download

Rosanna Fforde: The local picture – older adults in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire – click here to download

Dr Lis Boulton: Encouraging older people to engage in physical activity – click here to download


To get a copy of the Powerpoint Slide Deck file, email jordan.young@thinkactive.org

#WeThinkActive Workshop

A short 50minute workshop, delivered by Think Active, to support all staff to start thinking about how they can be more active and encourage patients to be more active. Ideal for incorporating in a team meeting. Contact info@thinkactive.org for details.

Tips and Tools for Healthcare Professionals

Physical Activity Clinical Champions Training

One to three-hour online session for heath care professionals delivered by PHE’s national network of physical activity clinical champions, made up of GPs, nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals. To arrange a course email: physicalactivity@phe.gov.uk

Physical Activity and Lifestyle Toolkit

Ideas and resources to help healthcare professionals raise awareness and promote physical activity with staff and patients, supporting practices towards meeting the Active Practice Charter criteria. https://www.rcgp.org.uk/clinical-and-research/resources/toolkits/physical-activity-and-lifestyle.aspx

Physical Activity & Health e learning

Provided by PHE through the Health Education England’s e-LfH portal , 11 e learning modules aimed at GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to champion the benefits of physical activity with patients.

Moving Medicine

Provides online step-by-step guides about how to have conversations about physical activity with patients who have different conditions, based on the time you have available.  There are also resources you can download to display in your practice. For more information visit: http://movingmedicine.ac.uk/

Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice (Case Study)

Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice has become one of the first surgeries to become a RCGP Active Practice by committing to reduce sedentary behaviour and increasing physical activity amongst staff and patients. To see how they achieved their Active Practice Status, have a read through their case study: RCGP Active Practice- Clarendon Lodge

Active Practice Charter

Inspires and celebrates GP practices that are taking steps to increase activity in their patients and staff. For more information visit: https://r1.dotdigital-pages.com/p/49LX-5IR/active-practice-charter.

Active Hospitals

Aims to change the physical activity culture within hospitals to encourage patients and staff to move more. A tool kit is available at https://movingmedicine.ac.uk/active-hospitals/

We Are Undefeatable Campaign

Inspires and support people with long-term health conditions to build physical activity into their lives. The campaign provides information, resources & guidance on:

  • Ways to Move– ideas and resources to help those with long term health conditions find the right activity for them.
  • Getting started- contains top tips and resources to help individuals become physically active.
  • Stories– inspiration form  people with health conditions have found ways to get moving.

For more information & to sign up to the Supporters Hub visit: https://www.weareundefeatable.co.uk/

Join the Movement

National campaign from Sport England offering, tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active. https://www.sportengland.org/jointhemovement

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