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Environmentally Friendly & Climate Conscious

Think Active is committed to the concept of sustainable development and for future generations to lead more healthy and prosperous lives. Care for our environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment.
As an ambassador of the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge we are committed to supporting the West Midlands to be net zero carbon economy by 2041 and we will adapt our ways of working to support this. Please see our Environmental & Sustainability policy for more information on our commitment to reduce the impact on the environment from our own operations as an organisation.

Buy local – reduce transport costs and emissions. Support local businesses.  

Travel Policy – driving to and parking outside meeting venues is challenged. The team are encouraged to use public transport, to park and ride or park and walk thereby reducing emissions in city centres, around schools etc.  

Dress code – supports Active Travel by encouraging comfortable shoes and trainers so that walking is pleasant.  

Maintain virtual meetings – Whilst we recognise that there is an environmental price to pay for using screens we recognise it to be less than that of car emissions.  

Walking meetings and breaks for exercise. We need to walk the walk. Sitting for ling periods of time can not only lead to sedentary behaviour, but some of the practicalities are also  that being inactive makes people feel cold so they put the heating on. By taking breaks to get up and move about we are reducing the need to use central heating and we are modeling the behaviour that we are advocating  

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Extreme weather, air quality and wider climate change are increasingly likely to impact participation levels, inequalities and when, and where, activity takes place.

Equally, the sport and physical activity sector has a significant environmental impact that reinforces these effects.

From energy use by sports facilities; travel by participants and workforce; the production and consumption of sports equipment, goods and services; to the creation of waste – we have considerable scope, opportunity and obligation to create positive change.

We’ve made a commitment in our Uniting the Movement strategy to tackle climate change by influencing how people live and travel, by connecting this agenda with local priorities around health and active environments, and through the sustainable planning and design of the nation’s sport and leisure facilities.

Read more about Sport England’s approach to Environmental Sustainability matters here


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