Creating Active Schools Framework

The Creating Active Schools Framework (CAS) was developed by an independent group of experts to promote a whole systems approach to school improvement. It can be used in all schools and is flexible to adapt to cohort or circumstances. All stakeholders, from local authorities to school leaders and pupils should play a role in embedding physical activity in the school’s ethos. This framework aims to show there are roles for everyone.

Using the framework

CAS Framework:

  • The framework has the whole schools ethos at the centre, this is the most important factor to drive change. If the ethos does not embrace activity it will not lead to true appreciation and delivery.

  • The most significant way to impact on the ethos of the school is effective teacher training, both at the start and in-service CPD.

  • For schools yet to embark on the journey (the upper half of the framework), ethos change must come from policy makers. Using the COM-B model of behaviour change there must be standards set along with provision of support and guidance.

  • To impact change from within a school (the lower half of the framework), it needs to be seen in the school’s policy and vision, backed up with internal resources including environmental and the support of stakeholders.

  • No part of the school day should be overlooked. Opportunities where physical activity can be introduced are highlighted in the bottom tier of the framework with examples of good practice.

Get involved

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Supporting resources:

Four children getting ready to race
A group of children balancing a tennis ball on a racket
Four children jumping